Anna Beck is committed to bettering the world, lifting up other voices, and using our jewelry as a bridge for awareness and change. We are committed to being ethical, thoughtful, and transparent. We strive to better our community, creating opportunities for our artisans to thrive in healthy conditions, offering above and beyond fair wages, all while sustaining a heritage skill. Whenever possible, we use best practices for sustainability. Our commitment is to continue to be better and do better every year.


Anna Beck is committed to ethical and sustainable business practices. We carefully evaluate our impact on the world and strive to minimize harm. Though we can’t change how our items are shipped, we can ship them in materials we feel good about and ease the shipping footprint with the purchases of carbon offsets. Here are the steps we are currently taking to improve our sustainable efforts:

  • We are currently off-setting our energy use by purchasing carbon offsets through Cool Effect, a crowdfunding platform that provides the opportunity to support carbon emissions reductions by funding carbon-reducing projects around the world. Cool Effect is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You can find about their projects here.
  • Our packaging launched in late 2021 uses recycled paper and soy ink, eliminating all plastic from packages our customers receive.
  • All Anna Beck pieces come with a 60-day warranty. We offer and encourage the use of our restoration services of all Anna Beck pieces within 1 year of the purchase date - sending your piece back to our workshop to be restored to its original glory.

We will always find ways to improve our sustainability efforts and commit ourselves to this work with full transparency.


Anna Beck has been collaborating with a workshop in Bali since 2003 that exclusively makes our pieces using traditional Balinese craftsmanship. In a fast-paced world of quantity over quality, these techniques are a dying art that is more and more rare to find. One of our missions is to keep this artform alive and well: not only utilizing ancient techniques, but collaborating with our artisans to seek out new handmade techniques to pass on to future generations. The workshop employs 78 staff, 20 of these are in-house Artisans and 58 work from their homes, and working conditions are extremely important to us.

Such as:
  • All artisans are given a safe working environment that prides itself on zero accidents. Proper safety equipment and attire is provided.
  • All of our workshop artisans are fairly compensated, paid well over Indonesia’s minimum wage with the opportunity to earn bonuses, offering them an opportunity to provide better education to their families, healthy and safe homes, and opportunities to grow and advance.
  • Work weeks are 8 hours a day, 5 ½ days a week, with paid holidays.
  • Everyone receives health care, money for lunch and reimbursement for transportation to and from the factory.
  • Remote work artisans are able to work from home rather than traveling outside of their village to help provide for their families.

All of our vendors whom we source from are required to sign an Anna Beck Supplier Code of Conduct. You can see a copy of this here.


What's next for us? A look at some of our future sustainability and community goals:

Partnership with Nest Artisan Guild
Looking to become a Certified B Corp
Creating a recycled metal collection
Giving back to the Balinese community beyond our workshop, through educational opportunities, skills training, health care, etc.
More opportunities for our stateside staff to visit the workshop in Bali to see the traditional jewelry making process in person and tour other skilled artisans in Bali.


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